A new investigational therapy study for grass pollen allergy sufferers aged 18-50.

Compensation up to $6,100 upon successful study completion.

Sunday May 26, 2019

TOTAL POLLEN COUNT: Grains Per Cubic Meter 4289

POLLEN and MOLD REPORT Date: 05/24/2019

Trees: High Pollen levels between 91 and 1,500 will likely cause symptoms for many individuals who suffer from allergies to the predominant pollen types of the season.

Weeds: Moderate Pollen levels between 11 and 50 tend to start affecting individuals extremely sensitive to the predominant pollen.

Ragweed: Very High Pollen levels > 86 tend to affect most individuals who suffer from the pollen types of the season. Symptoms may become more severe during days with high pollen levels.

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